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The rapid development of technology  nowday allows  professional movies at a cost most companies can fit into their budget. As the bandwidth increases, film and video distribution that was impossible a few years ago are now possible.

In addition, the distribution are very flexible where everything can be presented on-line with a short lead time between production and distribution.

The trend is clear, mobile media has struck through on a wide front. Movies will play an important role both for businesses and individuals to reach out with their message in the future.

Invite Film are working with visual storytelling were content is everyting. We can help you with both corporate films and commercials.

The founder

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The founder Fredrik Reuterhäll has its roots in still photography and is trained at the International Center of Photography, NYC in the mid nineties.

He assisted the fashion photographer Richard Burbridge before establishment in Stockholm as an advertising and fashion photographer. To start filming was a natural step in his development.

Fredrik has a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

Hiring us ensures craftsmanship, high flexibility and experience.

Welcome to us!

Invicta Film is part of Invicta Media AB 
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